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  • Photovoltaic Glass

    HNH SANXIN is accused of sanxin hainan development only in bengbu photovoltaic glass for the construction of research and development, production base, is the core of the global photovoltaic modules enterprise suppliers, is a national high-tech enterprise, with provincial post-doctoral scientific research workstation, such as enterprise research and development center at the provincial level, provincial green plant, mainly in research and development, production and sales of super white rolling solar photovoltaic glass, glass deep processing of glass and The main products are single and double suede AR toughened photovoltaic glass, back screen printing perforated photovoltaic glass, double layer high permeability AR toughened photovoltaic glass, high permeability aesthetic photovoltaic glass, 1.8-2.5mm series ultra-thin AR toughened photovoltaic glass, large size photovoltaic glass and so on.

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