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  • Interior Decoration Projects

    Beijing Sanxin Crystal Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd ,founded in 2015, is a subsidiary of Sanxin technology owned by Hainan Development Holdings Nanhai Co., Ltd. Qualifications include Architectural decoration engineering design grade A and Construction class 1. Scope of construction includes airport exhibition,5A office building, 5 star hotel etc. And projects cover Maldives airport project, Aifeike airport project,Jingmen , headquarter building of Samsung in Beijing, Shenzhen Securities Communications Qiaochengfang Office Building, haikou mova mall,Hainan, Guizhou Sheraton hotel, Beijing Atour hotel etc.

    Projects References

    Samsung Headquarters Building,Beijing

    Owner: Beijing sanxing real estate co., ltd

    Area of Decoration: 33120.5㎡

    Scope of Project: Elevator hall, polygon corridor, office area, toilet, etc

    Shenzhen Securities Communication OCT,Shenzhen

    Owner: Yuntai Jianye real estate (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Area of Decoration: 30492㎡

    Scope of Project: Office area, public area, multi-functional meeting room, dining room, etc.

    Haikou Datang Energy Office

    Owner:Datang Hainan Energy Development Co., Ltd..

    Area of Decoration: 8160㎡

    Scope of Project:Office, public area decoration and MEP on 37/F to 39/F

    Zongde Service Center,Foshan

    Owner: Foshan ZONGDE Investment Development Co., Ltd.

    Architect: Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province

    Area of Decoration: 21894㎡

    Beijing Mobile Silicon Valley Mansion

    Owner: Beijing Wanxing Construction Group Co. Ltd

    Architect: China Academy of Building Research

    Area of Decoration:18890.8㎡


    Owner:Hainan Development Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Area of Decoration:31000㎡

    Vanke Creative Valley,Xian

    Owner: Xi 'an Vanke Enterprise Co. , Ltd.

    Area of Decoration: 16170.94㎡

    Scope of Project: Public area(S1-3、S5)、 Bathroom (L1-2)、Underground Elevator Hall Light Box(S6、S8)

    WanDong-International Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

    Owner:  Beijing Shengshi Fangtu Culture Development Co., Ltd.

    Area of Decoration: 15000㎡

    Scope of Project: Renovation of building interior workshop to create office space with changeable form and flexible design

    Male International Airport

    Construction unit:MACL

    Architectural design:SETEC

    Area of Decoration: 59124.39㎡

    Jingmen Aifeike Airport

    Owner: Shenzhen Sanxin Navigation Development Co., Ltd.

    Architect: China civil aviation engineering consulting co., LTD, Hubei Huayu High-Tech Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd

    Area of Decoration: 12300㎡

    Sheraton Hotel,Guihang

    Owner: Guizhou Hengli Real Estate Development Co. LTD

    Area of Decoration: 21830㎡

    Scope of Project: Hotel interior decoration

    Gaobeidian Atour Hotel

    Owner:  Gaobeidian Xingji Hotel Co., Ltd.

    Area of Decoration: 5600㎡

    Scope of Project: Interior Decoration of 1-16 Floor Hotel

    Beijing Smart Library of China University of Mining and Technology

    Owner: China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing)

    Architect: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd 

    Area of Decoraion: 12000㎡

    Sanhe Yanjiao sweet city of Seoul

    Owner: Sanhe Tianyou Real Estate Development Co. Ltd

    Architect: Sanhe Lifeng Heyi Decoration Design Co., Ltd

    Area of Decoration: 38611㎡

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